‘The Taking’ Cover Reveal

I am so excited to finally reveal the cover for ‘The Taking, Book Three of the Painted Maidens Trilogy’.  A big thanks to the awesome Keary Taylor for her design. The release date is all set for February 27th, 2015, and we will have a blow-out book tour for the series in March when I will reveal the boxed set cover and the book trailer and have loads of prizes. For now, please be sure to add ‘The Taking’ to your Goodreads TBR list and let me know what you think of the cover!



The Taking, Book Three of the Painted Maidens Trilogy

 Eighteen-year-old Serena now reigns as queen of both the Undine of The Deep and the wolves of The Dry. The alliance between her maidens and the werewolves is shaky when all at once the basic necessities of food and shelter are taken away and both their worlds fall apart. After decades of war, the two societies must work together to face what lies ahead. A promised land is theirs for the taking, but first, they must survive each other.



3 thoughts on “‘The Taking’ Cover Reveal

  1. I can’t wait to read this one Terra! I’ve been waiting to see how she is going to bring a balance to them both. The cover looks great, and I know the story line is going to be amazing after the last two. Best regards,

  2. this sounds fantastic. will thenew tour include denver? I must confess I am beginning to feel that this author is really somebody and not just anybody. She is awesome.

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