Blog Party Wrap-Up

It’s been a busy few weeks; more so for the four great book review bloggers that helped to promote my series.  In case you missed any of the events, here is the wrap up:

Giveaway!!! Ten copies of ‘Water, Book One of the Akasha Series’. Don’t miss out, click here to enter.

A short story posted on each of the bloggers sites.  These are flash fiction posts based on the main characters from the Akasha Series.  Start with Ritesh’s post here and click on the links at the end to read the next short story.

Guest Post by yours truly featuring my favorite book covers, and my own experience with finding the right cover.  Click here to read.

My Interview with Ritesh including how the series came to be, my thoughts on environmental conversation, and what I would do with Johnny Depp’s back hair. Click here to read.

Character Interview with MC Kaitlyn.  As Alexia would say, “She rocks my face off!” Read it on Alexia or Natasha’s blog.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews. Everyone posted their review.  Go to Jennifer’s blog, Alexia’s blog, Natasha’s blog, or see the most recent review on Ritesh’s blog.

Air, Book Two of the Akasha Series teasers! For separate excerpts of ‘Air’, see Natasha’s blog or Alexia’s blog.

The Akasha Series Introduction. From the mouth’s of bloggers. Read it on Ritesh’s blog.

My Detailed Bio on Ritesh’s blog. Find out the story behind my name, what I do when I’m not writing, and choose what elemental power best suits you; water, air, fire or earth! Visit my store to declare your power of choice to the world.

A big THANK YOU to:

Ritesh from Ritesh Kala’s Book Reviews

Alexia from Alexia’s Chronicles

Natasha from Dreamland: A Teenage Fantasy

Jennifer from Can’t Put it Down Reviews

If you haven’t yet, follow each of their blogs!  They have so much to offer readers with book reviews that are honest, funny, and compelling.  They also have giveaways and can introduce you to books and authors you would have never found otherwise.  Thank you for sticking with us this week – it’s been fun!  Now, back to writing.  I have a a ‘Fire’ novel to put together.   : )

From the Mouths of Bloggers

The best way to introduce my series is through the words of book review bloggers!  Because each reader interprets a story differently, I conveyed the story using bits and pieces of reviews by readers themselves.  See the Akasha Series introduction on Ritesh’s blog.

And if you haven’t read my post and voted for your elemental power of choice yet, now is the time!  Read this article and comment!

So…that’s all I really have to say.  Since I feel like this blog post is too short, and because I just figured out how to embed YouTube videos, and because I can’t stop thinking about the Hunger Games – I leave you with the awesome movie trailer. Can’t wait ’till March 23rd!!!

Pool Party (Minus the Pool)

Want to find out what happens when myself and four book bloggers get together for an entire week?   I’ll tell you what happens.  Best. Party. Ever.   And you’re invited!  Throw in a pool and it just might be EPIC.  There will be giveaways, character interviews, book reviews, a detailed intro to the Akasha Series and some discussion points you will definitely want to get in on.  Here is the skinny:

23rd January – Day One: A Biographical write-up – join in the discussion to pick your elemental power of choice; water, air, fire or earth!
24th January – Day Two: An Introduction to the Akasha series
25th January – Day Three: Each blogger’s review of ‘Water’, and teasers to the second book, ‘Air’
26th January – Day Four: An interview with Terra Harmony and character interviews
27th January – Day Five: Eye Candy – a guest post by yours truly.  Join in the discussion to let everyone know your favorite book covers!
28th January – Four totally free short stories based on characters from the Akasha Series.

Join in the party at one of four sites:

Ritesh at Ritesh Kala’s Book Reviews (The Host)
Alexia at Alexia Chronicles (The Hottie)
Natasha at Dreamland: A Teenage Fantasy (Life of the Party)
Jenifer at Can’t Put it Down (The Bookworm)

Better yet – you can enter the giveaway now!  Click here and sign up.  You’ll get extra entries for commenting on posts all week.  So, grab your drink of choice, put on your favorite music, and connect!

***And if you DO have a pool – I recommend playing ‘Pool Party’ by the Aquabats.***

Cover Reveal!

I’ve been holding on to this one for a while, and I am soooo excited to finally be doing my cover reveal.  Props to the cover designer, Keary Taylor. You can see my interview with her here.

And now, bask in the glory that is ‘Air’ *imagine choir music here*

And, if you are not sufficiently basked – you may continue to bask in the glory that is ‘Water’ *more choir music*:



Now a mixed symphony:







Ok, yes.  They’re very similar.  It’s called branding.  When you see one of my book covers, I want you to know it’s from me!  For a fun, quick read on how ‘Water’ came to be, see my blog post titled Mormons, Vagina’s and Cover Art.

‘Air’ will be available for purchase within one month on Amazon, B&N and Smashwords.  If you have read ‘Water’, and are interested in an ARC of ‘Air’ to review, let me know!  In ‘Air’, while Kaitlyn continues to carry her secret, Micah must work to prove himself to her and Shawn turns his depopulation theory into a plan.

Stay tuned for my book trailer to ‘Water’, where I totally exploit the cover!  You’ll see how – follow my blog via e-mail so you don’t miss a thing!

Twitterview-ing and Resolute-ing; Talk about Multitasking!


Yes, blogs should be pretty and eye-catching, but I haven’t the patience for internet image hunting to find just the right picture for this post.  So insert your own, damn you.

A quick note to announce a few things – then next week I’ll be back to more author interviews, book blogger guest posts and free flash fiction.

Note #1: Catch my first ‘twitter-view’ on Monday 10 AM EST with Claudia Hall Christian, author of the Alex the Fey series and organizer of  #bookmarketchat.  As I was recently educated, a twitterview is a twitter interview (hmm, clever) consisting of 3 – 5 questions.  Don’t expect too much as I am not known for being a quick thinker – which is why I am a writer.

Note #2:  Air, the second book to The Akasha Series is in editing and due for release in February!  Or later, depending on how the edits come back.

Note #3: Speaking of pretty pictures, the book cover for ‘Air’ is already done, and I can’t be more excited!  There is nothing more motivating to finish up the book than seeing a final cover copy, as if the thing were already published.  I’ll be doing the big cover reveal later in January after a ramp-up consisting of an interview with Keary Taylor, the cover designer, and a few other ‘cover’ fanatic guest posts.

Ok, so that was three quick notes.  Happy New Year’s to all – hopefully 2012 brings you the best life has to offer – or better!  At least that is what I’m shooting for.  I’ve already resoluted it…

My Interviews, Guest Posts and Such

To catch y’all up – I’ve done a series of interviews and guest posts.  These along with all future ‘Terra’ highlights can be found in the ‘About Me’ section.  Now on to the fun:

Interview with Maria Violante
Q: There were a few, well, adult passages in here!  Was that something you had to think about before including them in the novel?

A: For sure! In fact, I still debate taking them out and floating my book around the YA crowd. Maybe it would do better there. But the fact is, I’m not really sure I belong there as an author. I’m not sure it would be a sustainable career for me. So onward I go – sex scenes and all!

A.F. Stewart’s Interview with Terra Harmony
Q: What’s next for you?
A: An ice cream sandwich.  And then maybe just a few more hundred words before bedtime…

Indie Author Spotlight on TNBBC
The publishing industry is about to go eco on y’all!

Guest Post on Indies Unlimited
Quality is Job #1 for Indie Authors

Books for Company: Cover Crazy
My super-awesome book cover by super-awesome graphic artist and indie author Keary Taylor is all the craze.

Not my finest moment, but probably not my worst either – so I don’t mind sharing it.

Indie Snippets – Water
Fun way to find new Indie books.  If you use it, be sure to send props to indie author Bryan Dennis.

Indie Snippets – Gleaming White
Fun way to find new Indie books.  If you use it, be sure to send props to indie author Bryan Dennis.

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1st Post – Are you as excited as I am? Probably not.

Welcome, welcome!  I am finally getting around to building my author website and I am excited for all the content I have planned for it!  In addition to more info on my books (sample reads, where to buy, downloadable book group discussion points, etc.), I plan to post short stories (based on my book’s characters) once a week, resources for readers and writers, and guest author posts and interviews.

I’d appreciate it if you would become a follower of the site – I won’t disappoint!

Thanks for stopping by!

Terra Harmony