Bookish Style Christmas Decorations

Don’t know what to get book lovers, other than a Kindle gift card? How about this:

ornament good

I made these myself using clear ornaments, Epsom salt, and cut and curled pages from my favorite book. I asked the recipients what reading means to them, and included the word as part of the ornament. This has led to some great ornament ideas for my own Akasha Series; but next year!

Things don’t always come together this easily for me. I started out with the idea of pasting strips of pages around an ornament. Didn’t turn out quite right, but it is nothing a dash of glitter won’t solve, right? Wrong:

 ornament bad

Epic failure, considering how it was supposed to turn out:

 book ornament

Anyway, on to some sweet stuff. Last year I was left with an extra gingerbread house, and plenty of extra frosting. So I do what I do most – I got creative:

 gingerbread enter gingerbread water gingerbread air gingerbread fire2

I’ve been holding onto these pics for a year, and now that I look at them – they aren’t as good as I remember.  But, what they hey, I am not one to waste frosting. Maybe I’ll do ‘Earth’ with the extra gingerbread houses this year, or maybe I should quit while I’m only slightly behind…

 Hope everyone has a great holiday season and a very happy new year!