Got Questions about the Werewolves of Clan Werich?

girl in forestIt’s been a while since my last post. After the completion of The Painted Maidens Trilogy, I’ve taken a short break from writing. Don’t worry! I’m already back into it, but I was able to play some much-needed catch-up with my reading, watching my favorite TV shows, and well…life in general.

Right now, I’m working on a story based on two minor characters from The Painted Maidens Trilogy. Originally intended to be a short story as a bonus to the boxed set, it is rapidly developing into a full-length novel. Now we get to find out how Darcy, the only human in Clan Werich, met Colin – and we get to watch them fall in love.

So obviously we delve even deeper into the life of the werewolves, and this takes place at a time when Alaric still rules with a heavy hand….and sometimes with a heavy paw.

Now is your chance to send me any questions you still have about the werewolves, or anything you might be curious about within their lifestyle. I can get it answered in this book! Comment below or send an email to